TECHTalk: Planning for Renovations/Expansion Projects


This Event has Passed

Thursday, April 4, 2024
1 pm ET, noon CT, 11 am MT, 10 am PT



This TECHTalk has already taken place. You can view the recording below.

We’ll cover how to evaluate existing systems…and STAFF as we discuss:

  • How to determine whether to forge ahead with existing or new systems (communications, nurse call, access control or electronic door hardware, just to name a few)?
  • If new systems are selected, how do you manage staff training and adoption? Old habits can die hard.
  • Connecting technology expertise into the project language. How do you capture new ideas, listen early to establish credibility with community teams (both end users and leaders)?
  • How do you move beyond system selection into programming and truly defining the expected operational outcome of the selected systems and/or neighborhood?

Bring your questions to–or just listen in on–this 30-minute FREE, conversational session with Tazergy Founder/CEO Matt Haywood and SAGE President Jill Schroeder. 

Have a technology topic you want to learn more about in relation to senior living environments? Join us on TECHTalk and let us know what YOU want us to focus on for future sessions.

Presented by:

Matt Haywood

Founder and CEO


The Brains

Jill Schroeder

Sr. Planner / Sr. Designer

Pope Design Group

SAGE President

SAGE is thrilled to partner with Tazergy to make TECH more accessible and understandable to the great minds designing, creating, operating, working and living in senior living environments. If you missed our previous sessions, you can watch the recordings here:

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Matt Haywood is passionate about providing exceptional and innovative services in senior living through complete IT managed services, low voltage/IT construction design, and project management. This is your opportunity to pick his brain!