Our Mission

SAGE is a diverse network that is committed to inspiring and creating environments where older adults can thrive. To accomplish this, our members leverage collaborative opportunities to engage in research, education, advocacy and innovation.


Provide a nexus for collaboration among all disciplines involved in the development, operation, and regulation of settings for older adults. 


Promote regulatory change and research that supports resident-centered care.


Evaluate senior living environments based on SAGE’s design principles and share results through conferences and publications.


Offer educational forums that feature current research and best practices for the design of living environments.

Design Principles

Physical Safety & Psychological Security

Provide appropriate safe guards and enhance perception of security.

Individual rights & personal autonomy

Maximize available choices, opportunities for self determination, and accessibility of options.

Environment as a therapeutic resource

Utilize all aspects of the environment (physical, programmatic, and organizational) as a resource for healing and improved functioning.

Function-enhancing technology

Harness new technology to increase functionality of the environment.

Communities & relationships

Generate opportunities for meaningful interactions and relationships among peers, families and staff.

Support of caregivers

Create an environment that promotes safety, efficiency, and emotional support.

Holism &

Focus on needs and desires of the whole person social, emotional, spiritual and physical, vocational and intellectual.

Creating & evaluating

Encourage innovation, diversity of approaches, experimentation with new solutions, and systematic evaluation of outcomes.


The SAGE leadership team is compiled of a diverse group of members from a variety of backgrounds all working towards the common goal of improving elderly living environments.


Vice President



Our History

The “common ground” identified as the foundation for SAGE was the resident-centered philosophy behind the federal Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987, known as OBRA ’87 since it passed Congress as part of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987. OBRA was  a fundamental paradigm shift for the nursing home industry and the state regulatory units that evaluate nursing homes.