Virtual Reality for Seniors: From Design to Engagement


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April 9, 2020



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Virtual reality (VR) offers opportunities for engagement, connection, and understanding for those living in senior living and care communities. For existing, new, or repositioned communities, VR design models allow current and future residents to see what their new home will look like and have input into the design process. VR can also be used to visually and emotionally transport groups of seniors to anywhere in the world and be used as part of engagement and reminiscent therapy for residents. Come hear how the virtual experience helps build conversation and socialization connecting residents in the design or destination experience and increases understanding of future occupied spaces and shared cognition.’

Learning Objectives

• See how VR assists stakeholders in understanding the built environment and allows immediate cross-industry interface. 

• Understand how VR provides engagement between owners/operators, families, and residents in the design process. 

• Understand the impact of social isolation on the 65+ population and how the use of VR builds community and interpersonal connections. 

• Explore VR as a dual-purpose building construction tool for the physical-plant building and areas for therapeutic wellness and personalized interventions.

Presented by:

Keith Bradley, Assoc. AIA

Designer, Director of Marketing

LWDA Design

Kyle Rand

Cofounder & CEO

Rendever, Inc.