The Perceived Value of Nature and Design of Gardens that Promote Use


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May 23, 2017



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Course Description

An emerging trend in healthcare and senior living integrates garden spaces into overall facility design in conjunction with client-centered, cost-effective care. This session provides participants with knowledge of current research on the value and benefits of gardens in senior living, and how personal factors and the trajectory of change in the aging process influences an individual’s use of gardens. Attendees will explore how to translate this knowledge into cost-effective design of garden spaces that fit residents’ preferences for use. Presenters will also discuss how to proactively leverage facility gardens as an effective marketing tool.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the perceived value of nature and gardens among older adults. 
  • Acquire knowledge for how personal factors and changes individuals experience in the aging process influence use of gardens. 
  • Translate evidence-based knowledge into more cost-effective garden designs. 
  • Understand the marketing advantage of nature-inclusive designs in senior living.

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