The Household Model–One Size Doesn’t Fit All


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January 25, 2017



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Course Description:

Is the Household Model financially viable? Just like no two institutional nursing homes are alike, the same can be said for Households. The Household Model is a set of standards that can be implemented in a myriad of ways to accomplish market, architectural operational, cultural, and financial goals. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all Household solution that works financially for every organization. This presentation will highlight the key Household Model financial drivers and discuss how an organization can navigate them to create a financially sustainable solution. While a particular Household solution doesn’t work universally, all organizations can afford to implement a solution tailor made for them.

Learning Objectives: 

1. Participants will learn how to create a successful framework for the implementation of a Household Model conversion or construction project balancing the project disciplines of architecture, operations, culture, and finance.

2. Participants will learn how to evaluate what architectural, operational and cultural variables are integral to achieving success and how those variables can be defined to create a financially sustainable project.

3. Participants will learn how to compare the elements needed to create a successful project against the myths and mistakes that have plagued unsuccessful projects.

4. Participants will be able to understand how various architectural elements and designs affect a resident’s quality of life and how the environment can serve as a way to reinforce home rather than institution.

Presented by Martin Dickmann, Principal of Action Pact Development, LLC, a Consulting and Development Company focused on helping organizations convert existing nursing homes (which look and feel like hospitals) into a resident-directed Household Model (which look and feel like homes).