Senior Living Environments: Healthcare or Hospitality?


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March 20, 2020



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To draw in new residents to senior living environments, interior design has become a vital topic. Many facilities are opting for design that incorporates furnishings and finishes used in hospitality spaces. While the look may be attractive, there are underlying healthcare considerations that need to be recognized and examined closely. Learn how to create attractive, hospitality-style spaces while maintaining important healthcare guidelines. Explore how guided selections of interior materials, furnishings, and lighting affects the satisfaction of the residents and enhances marketing efforts. Through these experts’ insights into workable and beautiful approaches to design, learn about available resources and interior design best practices to create great senior living spaces.

Learning Objectives

• Learn how to develop a hospitality appearance in a healthcare setting and examine the differences.

• Explore best practices and new paradigms in interior design for senior living.

• Explore how to enhance health and profitability through interior design.

• Learn how interior designers approach projects to get the best products for a given budget.

Presented by:

Libby Laguta, CHID, EDAC, ACHE

Principal LLC

Nancy Bounds, ASID,CHID,MS

Registered Interior Designer 

NB Interiors