Regulatory Impact

SAGE is committed to influencing codes and regulations that have an impact on senior living environments. Senior living, healthcare communities are the second most regulated environments in the country, behind the nuclear industry. Regulations can make, or break, the culture within senior living environments.  


SAGE has collaborated with a number of organizations who have similar passions for quality in senior living to impact the regulatory environment. These partners include The Pioneer Network, The Rothschild Foundation and The Facility Guidelines Institute. SAGE architects, research consultants and providers played an integral role in the introduction of the culture change initiatives into the 2012 NFPA Life Safety Code. 




Ventana by Buckner, HKS & IDA, Photography by Kim Sargent & Taylor Sargent of DBA Sargent Photography

Menno Haven Retirement Community, RDG Planning & Design, Alise O’Brien Photography

SAGE continues to influence the adoption of regulations. Current initiatives include the 2018 FGI Guidelines, the International Building Codes and the 2018 Life Safety Codes.  


Life Safety Code 2012

Final rule by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on May 4, 2016, as published in the Federal Register. 

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If you have an interest in participating in the influencing of regulations that align with the SAGE philosophy and design principles, specifically, resident-centered care, please contact us