Households: A Discussion of History, Design Process, Operations, and Architecture


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November 8, 2016



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This webinar is based on a live session presented at the 2016 Environments for Aging Conference. 

Course Description

Many communities struggle with existing care environments for older adults that are outdated and do not support contemporary operational models. Over the past few years, numerous designs (such as household/neighborhood models) have been proclaimed as complete solutions for the issues faced by care providers. The success of innovative layouts are dependent on an integrative design process based on recognition of the unique culture and program. Inflexible designs are less successful and may result in buyer’s remorse. This presentation advances understanding of current and future trends from a marketing, operational, and physical environment perspective that are critical to ensure the ongoing vitality of your community.

• Identify specific elements of the physical environment in older adult communities.
• Hear trends that are shaping the physical environment, care program, and operations.
• Appraise contemporary architectural designs, the operational methodology assumed for the layouts, and how these layouts may influence care.
• Obtain programming and design ideas geared toward a collaborative process involving all stakeholders.

Presented by

Lorraine Hiatt
Environmental Gerontologist
Planning Research & Design Consultation
Jeffrey Anderzhon
Senior Planner/Design Architect
Eppstein Uhen Architects 
Andrew Alden
Senior Planner/Designer
Eppstein Uhen Architects