Effective Site Visits: More Than A Road Trip


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January 30, 2020



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Conducting site visits and facility tours has become a routine part of programming and pre-design activities as facilities and designers wish to learn what designs have or have not worked. Often these site visits are under-planned, causing participants to walk away without a clear sense of what they have learned. Site visits should be considered a form of post-occupancy evaluation, following a rigorous format for data collection. This session describes an easy way to implement a format for conducting successful pre-design site visits or post-occupancy evaluations. Participants will leave knowing the right questions to be asked and skills to be developed, such as active watching and experiential viewing.

Learning Objectives

• Appreciate how facility tours can inform your project programming and design efforts.

• Explore the types of information that can be developed by treating site visits as mini post-occupancy evaluations to inform design decisions.

• Understand the importance of pre-planning, to achieving successful results from touring exemplar facilities.

• Obtain a format for documenting helpful and valuable design insights from your site tours.

Presented By

Addie Abushousheh PhD, EDAC, Assoc. AIA, ​

Environmental Gerontologist. Research Associate, The Center for Health Design; Part-Time Faculty, Kent State University; Senior Advisor, Abacus Institute.

Gaius Nelson, President, Nelson Tremain Partnership, P.A. – Architecture and Design for Aging