The Culture Change Movement – How Culture and Environment Intersect


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Wednesday, April 20, 2022
1 pm ET, noon CT, 11 am MT, 10 am PT



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Presented by:

Penny Cook, MSW


Pioneer Network

Course Description:

For over 25 years Pioneer Network and SAGE have worked to change the culture and environment of nursing homes and other senior living options. Learn how the historical development of nursing homes and our societal perception of aging paved the road for the culture change movement. Penny Cook, President/CEO of Pioneer Network, will take us on a historical journey of the movement highlighting why it started, pivotal efforts over the past 50 years and what may be next. The intersection of culture and environment will be highlighted throughout the discussion which may leave us asking the question, how do we collaborate to ensure we create supportive and meaningful places to live and age?

Learning Objectives:

Understand why nursing homes were built using an institutional design

Define ageism and its impact on senior living design and practices

Outline three historical points in the culture change movement

Describe three things Pioneer Network does to change the culture of care and support