Cooperative Living: Sounds Cool, But What Is It and Does It Work?


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September 24, 2019



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We are having a tough time creating enough affordable housing for the growing demand among older adults with limited incomes. In the past, the federal government provided the solution but now can’t keep up with current need. To expand affordable housing, we need to disrupt the current model and explore new methodologies that don’t rely on government subsidies. This session highlights how one organization resolved to create a new model. The result is a “cooperative living home” for five people that was completed and occupied in spring of 2018. Come explore the concept, how it was developed, the benefits it provides, and the lessons learned.

Learning Objectives

• Gain an understanding of the scope of affordable housing needs and why government subsidized housing cannot adequately meet the demand in the future.

• Explore the underlying issues and creative design models that are emerging to meet similar needs with different demographic groups.

• Provide an overview of the cooperative living model that was designed as one potential solution.

• Review the issues, challenges, and successes of the model after one year of occupancy.

Presented by: 

Steve Lindsey


Garden Spot Communities

SAGE Board Member