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May 5, 2016



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We’ll chew on obstacles we face with senior-housing codes as well as share insights on turning these obstacles into opportunities. SAGE national code representatives Amy Carpenter and John Shoesmith will start the conversation with a re-cap of SAGE code initiatives at a national level.  They will then dive into a conversation with case studies revolving around real code issues SAGE members face in their own communities and projects. 

Amy Carpenter is an Architect with over 15 years of experience in the design of environments for elders.  She works for SFCS in their Philadelphia office. As a former officer and board member of SAGE, Amy has represented SAGE as a member of the Pioneer Network Life Safety Code task force.  This task force, sponsored by the Hulda B and Maurice L Rothschild foundation, was successful in changing both the NFPA 101 Lifesafety code and the International Codes to allow certain design features that help support person-centered care such as allowing open kitchens, personal decorations, seating in corridors, reducing the width of corridors and the use of gas fireplaces.  Amy has also been a member of the International Code Council General Code Committee for the past two code cycles, hearing testimony on proposed changes to the code.

John Shoesmith believes that design principles behind making better places for elders are the same ones underlying all good design. After witnessing his grandmother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, John became interested in design for aging. He has dedicated his career to improving the environments in which elders live. His design work balances functional, programmatic, and aesthetic requirements against the unique needs of each user.