Designing for Brain Health in Older Adults


TBD, we are just gauging interest at this point!





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We are gauging interest for an evidence-based ideation workshop on designing for brain health in older adults! This guided 4-hour, virtual “brainstorm” workshop blends science and empathy to explore how design can go beyond prevention towards promoting brain health, quality of life, and positive stereotypes of aging. Activities include:

  • catalyst presentations on neuroscience and environmental psychology evidence to inform design for aging
  • interactive empathy exercises drawing from lived experience and diverse perspectives
  • co-design prompts for the generation and development of strategies embodying the criteria of enriched environments promoting brain health that can be applied to your senior living projects or existing environments

We are aiming for about 12 participants, representing various facets of the senior living industry. There is no cost to participate in this initial pilot program.

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