David A. Green Memorial Award For Advancing the Humanization Of Elder Environments

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David Green, a monumental force and radical visionary, revolutionized the way we think, feel, operate, and design environments for older adults. He is credited with developing the first households in long-term care within the United States based upon innovative approached for memory care as well as the foundation established by OBRA ’87.

To honor David’s vision and continue this important work, an award named the David A. Green Memorial Award has been established to encourage, inspire, recognize and subsidize the innovative projects and actions of providers, researchers, and designers that improve the lives and environments of older adults. In addition to recognition for being an industry leader in advancing the humanization of elder environments, the 2017 award winner will also receive a $500 award for use in furthering their project's mission.


Because David was one of the founding members of SAGE, and was instrumental in creating the major principals that guide it today, the Society for the Advancement of Gerontological Environments (SAGE) is the administrator of the award. Applications will be accepted through April 20, 2017. 


Submissions may be either a proposed project or activity or one that has already been implemented that can be further disseminated and documented. 

Proposals should exemplify one or more of the following SAGE principals and values related to the built environment:

  • Communities and relationships: Generate opportunities for meaningful interactions and relationships among peers, families and staff.
  • Environment as a therapeutic resource: Utilize all aspects of the environment (physical, programmatic and organizational) as a resource for healing and improved functioning.
  • Holism and well-being: Focus on needs and desires of the whole person social, emotional, spiritual and physical, vocational and intellectual.
  • Individual rights and personal autonomy: Maximize available choices, opportunities for self-determination, and accessibility of options.
  • Support of caregivers: Create an environment that promotes safety, efficiency, and emotional support.
  • Creating and evaluating: Encourage innovation, diversity of approaches, experimentation with new solutions, and systematic evaluation of outcomes.
  • Function enhancing technology: Harness new technology to increase functionality of the environment.
  • Physical safety and psychological security: Provide appropriate safe guards and enhance perception of security.

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Entry Instructions:

Complete the following application by April 20, 2017. 

Fund Longevity:

This is a perpetual fund that continues to grow through the generous contributions from the many supporters of David Green’s vision. We hope that each year the amount of the award will increase with the growth of additional contributions.

Contributions to the David Green Memorial Fund are being accepted at http://wumf.org/

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